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Our daughters Emily and Eve | daily affirmations for children

We collaborated with our daughters Emily and Eve to create our childrens daily positive affirmation cards and journals, this has very much been their project too. The doodles and drawings on each affirmation card have been illustrated by the girls and they have had lots of fun during the process.

To watch them have free reign was magical in itself.  Seeing things from a child’s perspective can teach us a lot. The simplicity of language and actions in the affirmation cards means they can be used daily and with no extravagance needed, it’s back to fundamental core values and community spirit. 


Eve “I love my happy happy cards (Eve’s name for her affirmation cards) because I love the rainbow colours. I love to give someone a hug and draw pictures to make someone happy".

Emily “My favourite part is the pictures that me and Eve drew and the yellow reminds me of sunshine and smiling"


What they think kindness is

Emily "Helping someone up if they fall in yard, asking someone to play with us so they are not on their own or making a card"

Eve "Not leaving someone out and making sure we all take turns. My pictures make people happy too"

 Emily and Eve | our daughter | Affirmation cards for children

 <span;><span;>Did you know that there is a spark inside all of us? A twinkling light that helps us feel joy, happiness, excitement and fun in everything we do and see. Our magical childrens journal and affirmation cards support confidence, positivity and kindnesss and help your child shine bright.