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Affirmation cards for childrens well being and positive thinking

I’m Sandra one quarter of Emily and Eve brand and mother to Eve my 5 year old firecracker.  Mischievous and fun, she always wants to be outdoors and looking to hangout with her older brother Finn (much to his annoyance). She started school during the pandemic and I returned to study at UCD. Things have changed since my schooling years something that struck me returning to college. I had always been an anxious child at school and confidence and self doubt did raise its head once I logged on to my first day of class by zoom.  My vulnerability has given me courage and a new restored confidence which has created this brand Emily and Eve in which we ultimately realise  how important it is to give our children the tools to be stronger, more confident and kind. 

Affirmation cards for childrens well being and positive thinking

I’m Jane and mother to Emily, my sensitive beautiful soul. Gentle and shy by nature she loves nothing more than protecting her baby brother; a true home bird. Like Eve, Emily started school during the pandemic while I continued to juggle a full-time job from home. The stresses of working from home, entertaining small children and the constant feeling of not being able to ‘switch off’ forced me to get off the treadmill and revaluate what behaviours I wanted my children to emanate from me. Slowing down, taking time to be present and breath. It’s a lesson I wish I learned 10 years ago and one I want to offer to others to do the same. 


Affirmation cards for childrens well being. Encouraging resilience, security, positivity and above all  kindness.

This project has come about at a time when we could see the struggle through this pandemic in our children.  Knowing how resilient a child can be but not always having the tools to express their emotions or feelings we began to chat a lot about what we could do to help our girls when they were struggling with missing their friends, their grandparents, the playground visits and a simple date at the local coffee shop. What tools had we learned that would lift their spirits, keep them focused and positive and above all lift everyone with their actions. 

Our desire is to give children these gifts to teach them life lessons, but also make it fun and magical so it feels natural. 

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