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Daily Affirmation cards for kids | Promoting a positive mindset, mindfulness and kindness

Our positive affirmation cards

A pocketful of aspirations for a mind full of happiness. Our affirmation cards for children are a tool to encourage positive thinking in your child allowing them the vocabulary to manifest a positive outlook in every day life.


Our affirmation card Muse 💛

As illustrators of our 'happy affirmation cards', find out what our daughters Emily and Eve have to say about kindness.

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Children's positive affirmation cards | children's bedroom wall print

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Affirmation cards for children | Promoting a positive mindset, mindfulness and kindness

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It's so important to instil these values in children. And showing kindness can have such a positive viral impact on a community.

Sinead P

My daughter has found this year very tough with separation anxiety from her grandparents due to the pandemic. This pack is going to have a real impact on her emotions. Thank you

Clare D

Today I was gifted a little box of sunshine. A magical collaboration between two sisters and two daughters. Created for children in a world that is sometimes too tough and fast moving and hard to understand especially for a child. The illustrations alone will bring a smile to your face. Emily and Eve Affirmation cards for children from age 4 right up to that 104 year old who still has that child inside.
What better gift to give a child than confidence and courage and a little more magic to brighten their day.


Recently more children, and children younger in age than we have ever seen before, have been presenting to General Practice with symptoms of anxiety and worry. I believe that including affirmation cards in their daily routine could contribute to reducing stress levels and uncertainty.

Dr Christina McDonnell | GP

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