Bedtime routine for a night of content

Our bedtime routine for happy kids

Do you find it hard to get any level of detail from a conversation with your kiddies. A simple question like how was your day results in short and sweet answers like 'fine, 'yes' or 'okay!!!!!

Not every child knows how to articulate how they feel or what happened in their day.

Our new journal brings structure and great dialogue for you and your child. Packed full of tips and tricks it looks at emotions, affirmations, gratitude, visualisation, creativity and imagination.

We've been using our journal at nighttime for a few months now and boy is it a game changer for Emily and Eve (both age 6).

Journal for kids

Benefits of journaling
[  ] Boosts your childs confidence
[  ] Helps your child to process their feelings
[  ] Encourages mindfullness
[  ] Track a childs mood, problems, concerns
[  ] Opens up conversation

Benefits of Gratitude:
[  ] Positive mental health
[  ] Deal with adversity or setbacks with a positive outlook 
[  ] Offers a feeling of content, promoting peaceful sleep patterns
[  ] Gratitude rewires our brain to be mindful of our surroundings, we begin to notice the good (fyi - our affirmations help us to begin believing in ourselves)
[  ] Releases dopamine and serotonin, these neurotransmitters make us feel good and enhance our mood.  

We've seen the benefits in our own homes and can't wait for you to benefit too 😊

Our expressive journal for children would make a great gift. 

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