Hello 2021: A new horizon | Positive affirmation cards

Our last day of 2020, we're choosing to turn off the tech, play boardgames, get some fresh air and write a list of the things we want to do next year. We've a few tough months ahead of us. Kids thrive on structure, love, encouragement and praise. Our cards were designed during the tough months of 2020 where our little ones had to adapt to a new way of living, away from family, friends and their usual structures of school and creche or montessori. A way of life that is quite unnatural as human beings. The absence of hugs and human touch, the fear of masks and isolation. But children are resilient, they adapt. And with the support and encouragement of their family unit they thrive. 

We're heading into a new year with some anxiety but there is an end goal with this lockdown, their is a vaccine and there will be a time in 2021 when we can see a new horizon.

Our daily affirmation cards were designed to focus on that horizon. Elevate our childrens thoughts to a higher frequency of self confidence, positivity and understanding. We've seen the proof in our own children the last few months,  picking our affirmations daily. There is something magical in them picking an affirmation card. Chatting about what it means. Discussing the pictures and colours. Understanding it and how it can be put into practice. The benefits are endless but what we've witnessed in our homes are:

  • Practicing gratitude: enjoying the little moments and reflecting on daily lessons
  • Building confidence: owning who they are, praising their efforts and teaching them through demonstration. We are our childrens role models.
  • Feeling connected to our community: getting involved in activities and encouraging their ideas to help others.
  • Encouraging kindness: resulted in happy caring kids, increased their understanding of gratitude and decreased anxiety and worry.

Whatever way you choose to keep your family in a positive mindset over the coming months we hope you all have a safe and loving 2021 full of simple, memorable moments that create strong values and traditions in your children ♡.

Jane & Sandra